01:27:14 PM (UTC)
 Linda culton

Wisdom / Healing
My grandson, Bradly (almost 18) had a grand mal seizure on the 19th while at work.  Through surveilance tape they can see that it lasted 90 seconds, with at least 3 passing out events after the seizure.  The Newberg hospital said he had fainted from dehydration/exhaustion; but a subsequent visit to his private physician said it was definately a seizure.  He had an EEG on Friday, which was ok.  He his waiting to see a Neurologist and have an MRI to find an accurate diagnosis.  This past Sunday he had some confusion (fogginess) that lasted about 2 hours, so another call is into his doc. Please pray for wisdom and healing... above all that God will show him His great love THROUGH this... it is one thing to praise the Lord (which Brad does) when alll is well; and quite another decision to trust Him when there is uncertainty and fear...They won't let him drive and he cannot be alone - tough road for a once independent young man. Please pray for his parents, too! Thank you for your prayers. In His grip and grateful, linda