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2Kings 22:1-23:30

There is one thread that weaves throughout Josiah\'s life - a dedication to hearing, understanding, and apply the Word of God to his life and the life of his nation. We have many things to learn from this very godly man.

Romans 12:14-21

One of the hardest things we as Christians have to deal with is people who don\'t like us and who do bad things to us. We think we know how to react but Paul turns life upside down as he gives us the real way to overcome our enemies.

2Kings 23:31-25:30

As God stored up discipline for Judah, so too he stored up mercy and restoration - as God\'s people listened to and acted on His word.

2Chronicles 20:1-30

Three different Observations of Praise; 2 Chronicles 20:1-30 The story of Jehoshaphat and winning a battle through Praising God, Psalms 91:1-16 Praising the Lord and getting direction from Him, Acts 16:23-34 Paul and Silas in prison, worship and singing, earthquake opened the prison doors and released the chains, The Prison Guard was converted along with his family.

1Chronicles 1:1-12:40

Ezra wrote Chronicles with some very important things in mind - laying out a case like a good lawyer, as God fulfills a promise He made back in Genesis 3:15. Learn the difference between this account, and the books of the kings of Israel.

Romans 13:1-14

As Christians many believe government is an evil that should be avoided or opposed. Paul encourages us to be a redemptive force for the gospel by actually getting along with governmental authorities.

1Chronicles 13:1-16:43

David begins to restore proper worship of Yahweh, but first he must get angry and very afraid. Then he does two things that are a key to a healthy Christian walk.

Romans 14:1-4

What distractions keep you from being an effective witness for Jesus Christ? One of the chief distractions is focusing on the minor differences between us, instead of building each other up in love. Paul takes this topic head-on in Romans 14.

1Chronicles 17:1-20:8

Are you feeling weak, discouraged, or down - like nothing is going your way? Then be encouraged and built up by seeing how God comes through for David and Israel. And learn valuable lessons about the proper attitude toward God and his abundant promises!

Romans 14:5-23

We continue to look at how the Lord desires us to live in the war zone of this age - compliant with government as long as it doesn\'t force us to violate God\'s Word and loving to others who are not as far along as we in their walk with God.

1Chronicles 21:1-27:33

Though some of David\'s biggest sins are left out of 1 Chronicles, God brings David and Israel to task, but out of a terrible situation, God works a wonderful blessing for us all.

Romans 15:1-33

Paul\'s final theological words to the Romans hold a lot of weight. But in some ways Paul says to \'lighten up!\' when it comes to dealing with people who are different than us in the body of Christ.

Acts 3:1-26

Wednesday evening bible study

Romans 16:1-27

For some, Paul\'s greetings at the end of Romans might seem boring and not relevant. To the contrary, Paul\'s connections with other believers offers us a rich tapestry of life and service in the 1st century church.

1Chronicles 28:1-29:30

As 1 Chronicles draws to a close, we get a final glimpse at the man after God\'s own heart. We see his devotion to worshiping God, his humbleness at being able to give, and his leadership in supplying everything to do God\'s work. The lessons for our lives are as abundant as his gifts!

Matthew 1:1-25

If you look at it one way, Jesus came from a very dysfunctional family and a dysfunctional family line. If God has set about to save the world, shouldn\'t He have made things a little better along the way? Actually, it\'s really a cool part of God\'s salvation plan.

2Chronicles 1:1-2:18

Solomon is given a pretty big charge by his father David. He clearly doesn\'t feel up to it. Another man comes from a disadvantaged background and is given a huge job. In both cases God took weakness and made it strength. He can do it for you too.

Matthew 2:1-23

Many times we think of Mary\'s role in the birth of Jesus, but Matthew records the difficult road Joseph had to travel in protecting this little life that the enemy wanted to snuff out.

Matthew 3:1-17

How do you know God is about to do a work in your life? Watch the signs and what to look out for as Israel prepares for its Messiah.

2Chronicles 3:1-4:22

In the temple we have a wonderful picture of how Jesus Christ won our salvation, from being washed for service as a priest to coming back out from the Holy of Holies to bring about our renewed fellowship with God.


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