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James 5:1-13

What do you rely on to get by? Are the foundations of your life secure? What would happen to you if something catastrophic and unanticipated took place? James tells us how to cope with catastrophes both large and small through patience.


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James 4:1-17

Why do we fight? Why do we get upset when things don't go our way or we don't get what we want? The answer can be found in James chapter 4. Learn how to manage expectations and manage emotions when things start to heat up.

James 3:1-18


James 2:1-26

Today we talk about what happens when we look outward at other people

James 1:9-27

We treat Christianity like a game

James 1:1-8

Many times we think trials are there to punish us - we've done something wrong and that's why times are tough. But in reality, God designs difficulties to accomplish certain things. James sheds light on the real purpose for trials.

1John 5:2-21

Sometimes we treat God like He is some kind of cosmic genie. That if we say the right words or do the right things then He

1John 4:1-21

Fear is something we all deal with

1John 3:11-24

Now we move on to deal with the quality of the life of the person in God

1John 3:1-10

Woudn't it be neat if we could just be transformed the instant we come to Jesus? It doesn't work that way, but bit by bit God transforms us into His image - but where does it start? With love.

1John 2:15-29

In the game of living the Christian life

1John 1:2-14

Today we

1John 1:1-10

Love, true love, does not exist apart from God

2Peter 3:1-18

Peter wants us to do three things: Have a right mind, Have a right perspective, and Live a right life

2Peter 2:4-22

But today we

2Peter 1:12-2:3

The sellers of spiritual poison are all around us

2Peter 1:1-11

Just like physical tools will rust if not kept clean and dry

1Peter 5:1-14

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