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2Samuel 13:1-14:33

Two of David\'s sons mirror their father\'s behavior in sexual lust and lust for power. They are sad chapters in David\'s life, but chapters we can learn from when facing the enemy\'s grand scheme.

2Samuel 15:1-16:23

When faced with one of his greatest crises, David responds by not striking out or feeling sorry for himself. When Absalom takes over David lets God take over. His behavior is a lesson for us when times go really bad.

2Samuel 17:1-29

David had done all he could. Now he had to leave his fate up to those he had encountered in his life and to the Lord. What do you do when you can\'t do anything more? Find out what God did for David.

2Samuel 18:1-33

David knows he must remain king but does not want his son Absalom harmed. How often do we as parents not want our kids to suffer for their decisions. But the Lord teaches us some tough life lessons for our kids\' ultimate good.

2Samuel 19:1-20:26

We see three distinct leadership styles in Absalom, Joab, and David. How do they compare with God\'s leadership style?

2Samuel 21:1-22:51

David had to deal with a promise made to a people who were evil. It reveals the power of God\'s love to those who shouldn\'t receive it. David also writes an incredible song about God\'s faithfulness.

2Samuel 23:1-39

David nears the end of his life. He shares the distilled wisdom from a life lived in service to the Lord. Also learn a lot about how to serve the Lord by looking at who served David.

2Samuel 24:1-25

David makes a terrible mistake, but God uses it to discipline his children who must suffer the consequences of sin, but also experience the mercy of God who overcomes sin and death and our biggest mistakes.

1Kings 1:1-51

David appears weak physically, but thanks to some quick action by a godly man, he acts strong spiritually and wins the day. We can learn lessons about what to do when circumstances appear to go against the Lord

1Kings 2:1-46

Enemies of God try to overthrow his promises as soon as Solomon is king and David dies.

1Kings 3:1-4:34

We begin to learn not about Solomon\'s actions but about his character and his relationship to God. We also see the seeds of disobedience that will cause great problems for Solomon and the nation later on.

1Kings 7:1-8:66

Solomon builds and dedicates the temple. It represents God\'s presence on earth and the way for man to approach God, just as Jesus is God\'s presence on earth and the way to reestablish fellowship with the Father.

1Kings 9:1-10:29

Solomon had all the success life could offer, power, wealth, women - but God warned Solomon that he needed to walk with Him - advice Solomon didn\'t end up taking. How can that hurt us as Christians?

1Kings 11:1-41

Solomon had everything going for him, but he neglected to do some very crucial things and let himself be influenced by others. Learn how we as Christians can fall the same way and how to avoid it.

1Kings 13:1-14:20

Jeroboam isn\'t interested in hearing God, so the Lord provides a prophet who loses his life to send a message.

1Kings 14:21-15:32

We all have needs, we all have influences. We all make choices based on our influences on how to fulfill those needs. We learn from four kings about what influences and solutions are good, and which are not.

1Kings 15:33-17:24

Just when things get to being the darkest, when the kings are running away from God to Ba\'al, in comes Elijah, a man who got scared and confused just like us, but who had to audacity to trust God.

1Kings 18:1-46

Elijah goes up against hundreds of priests of Ba\'al and shows by his perseverance in prayer and obedience to God how to overcome evil.

1Kings 19:1-18

When things didn\'t go like Elijah thought, he ran away from ministry. God came to him and gently corrected and restored the prophet. Learn how he works in our lives when we rely on the miracles instead of the miracle maker.

1Kings 20:1-43

Ahab was not serving God. He was only going along to get what he wanted. Yet God performed miracles for him, to show his need of a relationship.


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