Bible Studies

Matthew 1

We learn why Matthew wrote the gospel and what it reveals about Jesus the King. Did you know that He has a plan for your life as well?

Matthew 2

Why do you worship God? We learn some lessons on worship from the Wise Men who came to give gifts to Jesus. Their attitude may not be what you expected.

Matthew 3

As Jesus takes on His public ministry He gives us insight into how we can serve Him

Matthew 4:1-11

Learn how the enemy tempts us and how to resist. And learn the difference between temptation and sin.

Matthew 4:12-25

What is an encounter with Jesus really like? As Jesus receives His calling, we learn how to receive ours as well.

Matthew 5:1-12

What are the beatitudes, really? Learn the true meaning behind what is probably the most famous section in the Bible.

Matthew 5:13-26

In this study we look in depth at the character Jesus wants to create in us, in feelings, commitments, and conflict. Learn how to manage your anger.

Matthew 5:27-30

Learn what lust really is and how to beat it

Matthew 5:31-48

What are the primary purposes for marriage? Learn how God feels about commitment. You might be surprised.

Matthew 6:1-18

We all want to do things for the Lord, but how often are those things actually done for ourselves? Learn how to properly unleash the light of the Lord inside of you.

Matthew 6:19-34

Why does money have such a hold on us? Jesus gives us some practical advice on how to keep from becoming like the world.

Matthew 7


Matthew 8:1-17

Jesus is ready to extend His hand to you

Matthew 8:1-27

Do you find yourself with one foot in the world and one foot in Jesus? Learn how to let go, step off the dock, and let Him take you on life

Matthew 8:28-34

What do you do when you meet the enemy? Jesus reveals the sly ways of Satan, and how to deal with the devil.

Matthew 9:1-17

How determined are you to get near to Jesus? As we learn about some gentlemen who spared nothing to find the Savior, Jesus challenges us to follow with a whole heart.

Matthew 9:18-34

Facing the most difficult of circumstances can lead to two things

Matthew 9:27-10:15

Who fills the vacuum in your heart? What do you put your faith in and what kind of a leader are you? Are you ready to step out for the Lord at a moment

Matthew 10:16-33

What does it mean to be wise and serpents and innocent as doves? Jesus gives us some practical advice on how to survive in the world, living among a pack of wolves as innocent lambs.

Matthew 10:32-1:42

Its decision time


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